AGENT: Paulette Lifton


     If you gamble on love, you may strike out...
When a local wise guy convinces a fatherless kid to "alter” his little league games, each has to choose between love and the morals of the mob.
Please Note: The first round of financing has been secured and talent is being contacted. Please contact me or my agent if interested in investing.
*Quarterfinalist - Writers on the Storm screenplay competition

"Teen Tour"
(inspired by a true story)
On a cross country summer bus tour, 36 girls and 6 teenage guys, test authority and get busted pulling a prank. To avoid being sent home, the guys bet their sex crazed tour leader they won’t get nabbed again... If they do, the tour ends!

(Based on the book)
    An explosive account of one man's battle to expose the most heinous cover-up of the Vietnam saga.

The internet meets the Una-Bomber.
When pathologist Dr. Kaye Jordan, unknowingly exposes a clue to the presence of a nuclear terrorist, Commander Red Emerson of N.E.S.T., recruits her to be the bait to trap this maniac before total U.S. nuclear devastation.

"Sour Grapes"
When Kenny and Louis, two buddies from California, along with two party girls they meet on the way, go on their first wine buying trip to Italy, they “inadvertently” help wise old Don Francesco out of exile and reclaim his winery, home and family, from the scoundrel and his previous protégé, Don Buono.


"Zeldo says..."
        When an off-beat struggling writer and Ukelin player, meets a 7&7/8, middle dimensional interplanetary traveler,
that only he can see, his life begins to change...

stay tuned for further details...