Mitchel C. Resnick has directed and produced both film and television. Starting out as a Film Editor, he has worked as a Production Manager, AD, Visual EfX Consultant and Supervising Matte Artist, Post Supervisor, Animator and Writer, to name a few. He has worked both studio and independent films and among his awards, he received an Emmy nomination for "Smart Kids", a one hour Primetime Special on FOX Network. His background includes being a painter, sculptor and musician�
     "For me, it's all about design. I believe you design an actor's performance just like you design a shot, a set, a costume..."

     "Whether it's a thirty second commercial or a 2 hour feature, there always has to be a story -- a beginning, a middle and an end..."

     "Details are absolutely necessary. If there is a sconce on the wall from 2015, and the movie is an early 19th century period piece, people may not pinpoint the wrong fixture, but something just doesn't feel right to them...."
     "The more I learn about the acting process, the more I enjoy working with actors..."

     "Though I'm biased, I think every Producer and Director should spend at least 6 months in the cutting room. They don't have to know technical details, but it is invaluable in learning how to tell a story... And I find myself pacing my writing based on how I would cut the scene/movie..."

     "DP's and Production Designers should be an integral part in the story telling process. You don't just design a scene, you design a movie. It's like conducting an orchestra, you don't just lead the brass section or the string section or individual movements, you lead the ENTIRE orchestra and the ENTIRE composition..."

     "It's easy, take care of your people and they take care of you..."
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